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Richard M Nixon,,SAVED ISRAEL

When he was a young man he grew up in a Quaker family.  His mother read him all the stories in the old testament about men who saved Israel..He was fascinated by all the stories. She actually told him he would be in the position to save Israel someday.

He became a man and elected President of the USA. In october 1973, Watergate was bringing down his rule.

Israel was about to go to war with the countries next to her. Henry Kissinger and the president were at odds over how to aid Israel in the soon to be war/ Kissinger, the sec of state, wanted to let Israel suffer to a certain degree.

Golda Meir was the prime minister of Israel  when  the Yom Kipper war broke out , she turned to Nixon and the us for severe aid for her country.   She made a phone call one morning at 3am to the President, She begged him to help.

The next day he met with the everyday wall of Henry Kissinger.  Nixon got mad and ordered Kissinger to make up a list. when he did, Nixon told Kissinger to double the request.

Nixon knew he would meet great Resistance from the oil producing world and some of his enemies in his own cabinet and congress.

The biggest airlift since Berlin occurred within days bound for Israel. Nixon knew he would never get any credit in this incident.

Years later, in an interview, someone ask him why he against all odds,he decided to help?

He said,” when Golda Meir talked to him on the telephone, he heard his mothers voice telling him what she wanted..  Golda Meir always called President Nixon her president afterwards.

Coincident? Not Hardly, this was a miracle performed by God.  He had this planned out before the creation of the world..God bless AMERICA, Israel and Richard M Nixon…amen  GLORY ALL TO GOD!!


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